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The greater you may be, the reduced errors you will be making

aˆ?Often regret is really incorrect and displaced, and imagines the last to get completely apart from it had been.aˆ? John O’Donohue

aˆ?Don’t feel dissapointed about their mistakes. You will constantly make mistakes. The only method to get better is always to thoroughly review your own blunders.aˆ? James Altucher

aˆ?Regret your products we performed is generally tempered by-time; it’s regret your affairs we failed to do that is inconsolable.aˆ? Sydney J. Harris

aˆ?Don’t enable yourself to being person who, nearing passing, regrets everything could have done only if you’d used many issues. We each bring an objective in life.aˆ? Gillian Stokes

Rates About Managing Regret

aˆ?I produced choices that I regret, and that I got all of them as discovering experiences… i am peoples, perhaps not best, like anyone more.aˆ? king Latifah

aˆ?Regret will be the worst human emotion. Any time you got another roadway, you have fallen off a cliff. I’m material.aˆ? William Shatner

aˆ?Make they a tip of existence not to regret and never to check right back. Regret try an appalling spend of power; you simply can’t create upon it; it is merely great for wallowing in.aˆ? Katherine Mansfield

aˆ?Never regret what you have inked with a honest affection; nothing is shed which produced in the cardiovascular system.aˆ? Basil Rathbone

aˆ?The past is an excellent destination and that I should not remove they or even to regret it, but I do not desire to be the prisoner either.aˆ? Mick Jagger

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aˆ?Life is just too small, opportunity is simply too precious, therefore the bet are way too higher to stay on what might have been.aˆ? Hillary Clinton

aˆ?The emotions that damage most, the feelings that sting more, are the ones which happen to be absurd aˆ“ The wanting for difficult factors, exactly since they are difficult; nostalgia for what never ever is; the will for what has been; regret over not-being some other person; dissatisfaction using earth’s life. All those half-tones on the soul’s consciousness create in united states an agonizing surroundings, an eternal sunset of that which we tend to be.aˆ? Fernando Pessoa

aˆ?Looking back once again, I have this to be sorry for, that all too often when I loved, I did not state so.aˆ? Ray Stannard Baker

aˆ?When we feel my age, there are only able to become one regret aˆ“ not to have offered an adequate amount of ourselves.aˆ? Eleonora Duse

aˆ?They say you ought not endure the past. You need to be capable use it like a loose apparel, take it off and give it time to drop.aˆ? Eva Jessye

aˆ?I really don’t feel dissapointed about what I’ve undergone. I’ve have downs and ups, extremely levels many small lows. I’ve been very gifted that i really could never ever state, aˆ?If only this don’t happen.’ It’s section of just who i will be. There is nothing in my lifestyle that’s therefore ugh.aˆ? Jennifer Lopez

aˆ?all of us carry out acts we seriously desire we could undo. Those regrets simply be element of just who we’re, in addition to the rest. To pay times trying to transform that, really, its like chasing after clouds.aˆ? Libba Bray

As well as the best thing individuals regret is the fact that they don’t stay boldly sufficient, which they did not invest enough heart, don’t like sufficient

aˆ?My guidance to other impaired anyone was, concentrate on issues your own disability does not avoid you succeeding, plus don’t be sorry for the things they disrupts. Don’t be impaired in heart and literally.aˆ? Stephen Hawking

aˆ?Looking straight back, You will find this to be sorry for, that many times as I loved, I didn’t say so.aˆ? David Grayson

aˆ?The just calibration that counts try exactly how much cardio everyone invest, simply how much they dismiss their worries of being hurt or caught around or humiliated. Very little else really matters anyway.aˆ? Ted Hughes